Alterna® Vent-Free


Rasmussen’s Alternative to Traditional Gas Logs

Rasmussen recognizes that “usual” gas logs are not for everyone. Many people have homes with modern or contemporary decor in which logs would be out of place. This led us to introduce FireBalls™ over 30 years ago and, in more recent years, FireGlitter®, FireStones™ and FireShapes™. Our latest innovations are vent-free versions of these alternative styles. In recognition of the increasing desire for these alternative styles, Rasmussen has created ALTERNA as our brandname for our vented and vent-free versions of FireGlitter, FireBalls, FireShapes and FireStones.

Each of the objects in the ALTERNA line, except FireGlitter, are made from the same fire-proof material from which we make our gas logs. The objects are available in a variety of colors.

ALTERNA Vented sets are intended for use with either our Custom Pan Burner or Custom Embers Pan Burner. Vented sets can be outfitted with our “EASY” control systems.

ALTERNA Vent-Free sets have their own special chassis/burner/control assembly for each style. Chassis are available in black or stainless. All vent-free sets are standardly equipped with “EASY” controls, Millivolt, or Electronic Ignition (battery powered) with Remote Control. Alterna Vent-Free sets are not intended, nor certified, nor warranted for use outdoors.